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February 28, 2012


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february fury

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 28, 2012, 12:10 PM

I'm so happy for February to be over. It has been a long, stress-filled month, and I am not sorry to see it go.

First order of business: DreamyArt has ended their "Dreams for New Year" contest, and we've chosen the winners! Congrats to
Juro89 for "The Wanderer"
jetsetaphrodite for "Threshold"
threshold by jetsetaphrodite
and to Heart-In-Mouth for "Happily Ever After"
Happily Ever After by Heart-In-Mouth

Congratulations to them! :)

I'm finally finishing up with my IB World Lit paper (which has been-wow-awful; I'm so glad it's over) and am just now working to take my final Spanish Oral exams, and then I'll be done with my foreign language classes! I'm still not as fluent as I'd like to be and will probably continue to study in college, but for now I can work my way around well enough.

I have had no time on the weekends for shoots with other people, so that's why  I've been putting up so many self-portraits lately--I get that artsy urge but have no one but myself to shoot. Oh well, Spring Break isn't too far away, and I will hopefully have some free time then for photos of people other than me, as well as some traveling to new locations.

Other than all that busy-ness there's not much going on right now. Stuff happens, people are people, I'm usually alone, and have taken to talking to myself more and more. My cat think's it's scary.
My sister has submitted her novel to Amazon's publishing contest and made the first cut (that is, she's in the top 1000 out of 5000); I'm really proud of her because she wrote it in the space of one month when she was thirteen. I have yet to read it, but I've been told that it's pretty good :D
She also got me to keep watching Doctor Who--I hadn't watched past the third series since, October? So I watched all of series 4 and half of 5 in one weekend. While writing a paper. Yes. Anyway, I really like Matt Smith as the doctor. He's adorable, and he plays it really well, but I still sort of cling to Tennant (those eyes ohmygosh) because, imo, he had the ideal balance of goofy/wacky Doctor and tragic/seriousface Doctor; I felt like Eccleston was too serious and Smith, so far, seems a bit too crazy and cheerful. But I've yet to finish with series 5+ so I may change my mind :)

Rambling again. I'm so sleep-deprived all my mental filters are down--I can't open my mouth without insulting someone, lately. One more reason I'm always alone, everyone is just tired of putting up with my bitchiness and they won't give me coffee already. So, yeah. That's why I hate February. Also because it's freaking cold. For the south (we're wimps).

Here's some pretty art to look at. It's all got red, which I have been gravitating toward quite a bit these days. Maybe because it's warm? Maybe because I'm constantly angry and red is the color of fiery fury? I don't know. Here is some red:
Bajkonur by luciekout the cell by LisaDenise Little Red Riding Hood - Follow me by Lady-I-Hellsing The dawn by ekukanova :thumb286511815: the cold from the still warm body by zenibyfajnie .Bang Bang He Shot Me Down. by Lii-chan Sacred and the Profane by corvus-crux Yeu Hoa Nu by SatoHikaru Latrodectus by medusainfurs If I Die Young by csswolfe I have no idea by eleth89 Vain by Surehuinel Oni by igaboo dragon by cellar-fcp Blue Porcelain by thienbao Last Ditch Effort by jremmers The wind by LadySybile


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